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Hackers are scamming for frequent flyer miles

Online criminals are the people who try to get informations such as account data, your phone number, social security number and your ip address.
Now they have come up with a new type of crime that is steeling your frequent flyer miles.

Their passage is Emails, which promise more points or prizes or other beneficial things for the customers.They are asked to enter all their login information on fake websites which results in handing over their account details to the scammers.Usually these crimes were done for people’s bank account details however steeling the frequent flyer miles is a total different case.

They sell these miles in exchange for stolen credit cards, and also people sell access to computers and ipods in exchange for about 60,000 miles.The scammers are also purchasing flights and selling flight tickets bought with stolen miles.This is affecting customers of many airlines eg Brazilian airline which has already faced few issues related to same.

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