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salton sea getting dry 300x222 IS SALTON SEA DRYING UP?

Salton Sea Before

California’s Salton Sea which was a miracle in the dessert is drying up due to increasing level of salt in it.The drying up of this sea is a big environmental disaster.The lack of an outflow means that the Salton Sea is a system of accelerated change. Variations in agricultural runoff cause fluctuations in water level (and flooding of surrounding communities in the 1950s and 1960s), and the relatively high salinity of the inflow feeding the Sea has resulted in ever increasing salinity. By the 1960s it was apparent that the salinity of the Salton Sea was rising, jeopardizing some of the species in it. The Salton Sea currently has a salinity exceeding 4.0% w/v (saltier than seawater) and many species of fish are no longer able to survive.

salton sea 300x173 IS SALTON SEA DRYING UP?

Salton Sea Now

On January 24, 2008, the California Legislative Analyst’s Office released a report entitled “Restoring the Salton Sea.”The preferred alternative outlined within this draft plan calls for spending a total of almost $9 billion over 25 years and proposes a smaller but more manageable Salton Sea. The amount of water available for use by humans and wildlife would be reduced by 60 percent from 365 square miles (945 square kilometers) to about 147 square miles (381 square kilometers). The central portion of the sea would be allowed to almost completely evaporate and would serve as a brine sink, while the southern portion of the sea would be constructed into a saline habitat complex.

SB 51 Ducheny. Salton Sea Restoration Council. September 2010, Senate Bill creates the Salton Sea Restoration Council within the Resources Agency, as the governing structure responsible for determining a preferred alternative for the restoration of the Salton Sea ecoystem and the protection of wildlife dependent on that ecosystem.

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