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One of the world’s sexiest beaches

Caprera Island, Sardinia, Italy

Caprera is a small island off the coast of Sardinia, Italy, located in the Maddalena archipelago.This island has been declared a natural reserve for the particular species of seabirds living on it (royal seagull, cormorant and peregrine falcon).The island was probably given its name because of the numerous wild goats living on it (capra means “goat” in Italian).

The crowd on the beaches of Caprera Island is all about super toned divas in teeny-weeny Missoni bikinis and Italian industrialists in oversized Prada sunglasses.You will also be sharing nature with seabirds out here.

It is the second largest island in the archipelago and has a surface of 15.7 kmĀ² and 45 kilometres of coastline. Monte Tejalone is the highest point (212 m). On the south-western side there is a very important sailing centre and the many coves and anchorages which can be found along the coastline make the landing easy.

Visitors can get direct access to the Caprera Island via the bridge connecting it to the island of La Maddalena. There are regular ferries available from Palau in Sardinia that can take you to this island of Caprera.

There are very few places of attraction around this small island of Caprera and the White house of Garibaldi is one of the popular spots visited by the travelers.Caprera Island is known for its rich natural beauty and its beautiful landscape along the Mediterranean, which constitutes a major part of the Archipelago National Park established in 1996.Cala Coticco is one of the smallest caves found on this island of Caprera and can be easily accessed from across the sea.

Caprera is a wonderful place to visit especially during any season including autumn, winter including the summer due to its mild and moderate climate. There are plenty of places to explore on this island including small inlets and lovely beaches with crystal clear water, which is completely pure along with the scenic landscape found on this island.

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